Special products

Premium means a luxury product, addressed mainly to customers for whom prestige and quality are the most important selection criteria. The packaging positions the product at the highest price point, gives a taste of unique quality and is an eyecatcher, effectively standing out from the competition’s products. Special products manufactured at KEA were created to adapt to the requirements of the luxury brand market.

Packaging for premium industries – our solutions

Packaging is definitely one of the most important elements of any product. Very often, it is the attractive appearance that attracts customers, and the well-thought-out design persuades the customers to choose this product rather than another one. At KEA, we know what solutions premium industries need.

We provide high-quality packaging that protects the product and provides additional advertising space. We also offer a wide range of additional services – including serialization and a packaging refinement – which help confirm the authenticity of products and at the same time respond to the expectations of even the most demanding consumers.

Serialization and refinement of special products – a way to be unique

Packaging serialization is a process in which a specific product receives a unique code or serial number, enabling the product to be traced from the manufacturer to the customer. Serialization allows you to confirm the authenticity of the product, which is particularly important in the case of companies manufacturing premium products, and also allows for a quick response if problems with the product occur. Serialization also supports the fight against counterfeits and other unfair practices.

Refining increases the aesthetic value of packaging, while increasing its durability and functionality. Our services include covering packaging with dispersion varnishes, UV varnishes and varnishes that change the base paper structure, lamination of solid cardboard with matt and glossy foil, refinement with metallic foil, and concave and convex embossing.

At KEA, we know how important properly designed and manufactured packaging is in promotion – especially in the case of demanding industries. We have experience and technological resources that allow us to propose solutions tailored to customer needs, but also meeting the expectations of modern consumers.

Aromatic packaging

Fragrances have enormous power. They evoke emotions and bring back memories. Therefore, their skillful use can be an excellent way to make the customer interested in a given product. At KEA, we create unique aromatic packaging that effectively attracts customers' attention and evokes positive associations.

Highly refined packaging

Printing of highly refined packaging is an offer prepared for brands that want to mark their membership in the premium sector and make the right impression on the consumer. Highly refined packaging is a proven way to change the packaging of a given product, arousing interest among consumers again.


Blisters are a method of packaging products commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, but also popular in companies from the food and cosmetic sectors. At KEA, we manufacture blister packaging that protects the product against the harmful effects of external factors and at the same time ensures its easy use and storage.


Digimarc is a modern technology used to improve the identification and protection of products through the use of digital watermarks. This innovative solution is becoming increasingly popular in many industries. Digimarc is an extremely universal technology that effectively increases the effectiveness of supply chain management, brand protection and consumer engagement.


Displays are a perfect complement to promotional and marketing activities aimed at presenting products in stores, at exhibitions or during various types of events. At KEA, we make displays that effectively attract customers' attention, encourage them to make a purchase and strengthen brand awareness.

Print security

Print security is an effective method of protecting your brand and preventing counterfeiting. Thanks to modern security techniques, you can ensure the safety of important documents and confirm the authenticity of the products you offer, also giving your customers confidence that they are always choosing the highest quality product guaranteed by the brand.

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The modern consumer is a person who is increasingly aware of their own purchasing choices, and therefore demanding. Packaging serialization is a process that allows you to meet these customers' expectations, as well as to guarantee the highest quality of the product and increase trust among recipients by confirming the originality of the goods.

Brochure with a cover with flaps

A brochure with a cover with flaps is an unusual form of printing. Additional flaps that open from the cover not only give the publication a unique look. Such a design is also very practical, as it allows to include additional information about the author, opinions of other users or – in the case of sales brochures – the company's contact information.

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