Packaging with an integrated leaflet

Packaging with a pasted leaflet is an attractive, aesthetic, and at the same time functional solution. This type of packaging ensures that each box contains the correct leaflet, while saving time at the stage of packaging products in your company.

Packaging with an integrated leaflet – quality and time saving

In many companies, the process of inserting a leaflet into the packaging is still done manually. This is not only time-consuming, but above all, it does not guarantee that each box contains a correct lefleat. By ordering packaging with the leaflet pasted at KEA, you can streamline your company’s packaging process and eliminate elements that consume too much time.

Customers who choose to order packaging with the lefleat pasted at KEA are guaranteed the placement of a correct lefleat and its presence in each package, which we verify using a vision system. In doing so, we take care of the quality of the packaging and printing of both the box and the lefleat text.

Packaging with an integrated leaflet for many industries at KEA!

At KEA we make and deliver packaging with a pasted lefleat mainly for companies in the pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic industries. We offer the highest quality and support to optimize your company’s packaging process and provide your customers with the best experience for your products. Feel free to contact us!

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