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Nowadays, solid cardboard packaging no longer serves only the function of protecting products, but also provides an additional advertising surface for companies. Personalized packaging is one of the most effective solutions in the process of brand building, as well as an additional advertising medium, widely used in many industries. In order to effectively distinguish your business and attract customers, we invite you to create with us packaging for products that no customer will pass by indifferently.

Packaging with an integrated leaflet

Packaging with a pasted leaflet is an attractive, aesthetic, and at the same time functional solution. This type of packaging ensures that each box contains the correct leaflet, while saving time at the stage of packaging products in your company.


KEA offers professional printing of leaflets. We make folded leaflets with the possibility of sealing with a label or cut to a format on individual request.


We offer printing of instructions both in the form of single-sided or multi-fold leaflets, as well as in the form of extensive brochures. We manufacture multilingual instruction manuals in sewn or glued soft covers and assemble them into sets that are commonly used in the audio/video devices, home appliances and automotive industries. At KEA, we know how to print information in every possible form.

Special products

Premium means a luxury product, addressed mainly to customers for whom prestige and quality are the most important selection criteria. The packaging positions the product at the highest price point, gives a taste of unique quality and is an eyecatcher, effectively standing out from the competition's products. Special products manufactured at KEA were created to adapt to the requirements of the luxury brand market.

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Technical possibilities

Technical prepress specifications

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