Nowadays, solid cardboard packaging no longer serves only the function of protecting products, but also provides an additional advertising surface for companies. Personalized packaging is one of the most effective solutions in the process of brand building, as well as an additional advertising medium, widely used in many industries. In order to effectively distinguish your business and attract customers, we invite you to create with us packaging for products that no customer will pass by indifferently.

Producing packaging that meets the highest expectations

At KEA, we have proven techniques that are used to protect, mark and refine any package. Our services include:

  • covering packaging with dispersion varnishes and UV varnishes. They provide additional protection of the cardboard surface against damage, and also allow to obtain the effect of a deep matt or gloss,
  • covering cardboard boxes with special varnishes that change the texture of the surface, such as:
    • hybrid varnishes – the effect of a rough, glossy surface,
    • raised varnishes – a convex effect,
    • softtouch varnishes – a suede-like effect,
    • aromatic varnishes – rub and smell,
  • lamination of solid cardboard with matt and glossy film,
  • hotstamping, i.e. refining industrial, food and pharmaceutical packaging with metallic foils in various colors, such as gold, silver or imitating the hologram effect,
  • concave and convex embossing, including embossing of Braille characters in accordance with the current PN-EN ISO 17351 standard and
  • personalization with an individual alphanumeric code or other marking.

Packaging printing – why we’re trustworthy?

At KEA, we make packaging from solid cardboard, which is used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and many other industries. The solid cardboard packaging we offer is characterized by the highest quality and durability. The gluing technology used in the manufacturing process allows us to create boxes with up to 7 glue points on an industrial scale. We also offer Braille font embossing, which takes place during the final gluing of solid cardboard and folding of cardboard boxes, which guarantees proper legibility of writing.

Printing is compliant with ISO 12647-2 standards using ICC profiles prepared by us, which is a guarantee of reproducibility of printing quality for each delivered batch.

The packaging supplied by KEA is characterized by high-precision workmanship, which ensures the possibility of packaging without unnecessary jam on our customers’ automatic packaging lines.

Opakowanie farmaceutyczne

Pharmaceutical packaging

With safe and reliable packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, we enjoy trust of major companies and leaders in the industry. Within the framework of pharmaceutical packaging manufacture, we offer a comprehensive solution, while providing packaging along with leaflets. We ensure full compliance with legal requirements.

Packaging for the food industry

Knowing the purpose of packaging in the food industry, we strive to help our customers and recommend technology based on suitable raw materials and materials that have the required certificates and tests to confirm usage for food contact.

opakowanie spożywcze

Packaging for the cosmetics industry

Aesthetic and stylish packaging plays an extremely important role in the cosmetic industry. At KEA, we provide cosmetic companies with packaging that is refined to the smallest detail, ensuring excellent product presentation and guaranteeing repeatability and maintenance of brand colors. We offer packaging for the cosmetic industry with the highest quality parameters, regardless of the level of difficulty of the project.

Packaging for industry

Packaging used in industry requires solutions to protect products well. At KEA, we provide unit industrial packaging with precise design and high resistance to mechanical damage. We offer solutions for automatic packaging and those designed for manual packaging with automatic bottoms to optimize product packaging time.

Opakowanie przemysłowe

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