KEA offers professional printing of leaflets. We make folded leaflets with the possibility of sealing with a label or cut to a format on individual request.

Leaflet printing for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical leaflets are an indispensable part of the packaging of any medicinal preparation. This is a very specific type of instruction, since their manufacture is subject to numerous regulations. Leaflets should be printed in a specific way, on paper of sufficiently low weight. At KEA, we offer printing of leaflets on paper with a weight starting from 32 g/m2. Precisely made leaflets guarantee smooth packaging on our customers’ automatic packaging lines.

At KEA, we know exactly what a leaflet created for cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies should look like. Not only do we draw on our many years of experience, but we also constantly keep abreast of today’s marketing trends.

Advertising leaflets that will make your business stand out

In addition to pharmaceutical and cosmetic leaflets, at KEA we also print advertising leaflets. All the leaflets we manufacture at KEA are printed in accordance with global printing standards using state-of-the-art technology. What kind of leaflets can we manufacture for you?

Pharmaceutical leaflets

We offer pharmaceutical leaflets made on the basis of specialized knowledge of the drug packaging process. All leaflets are compliant with EU regulations, the national Pharmaceutical Law and the Regulation of the Minister of Health, which define the requirements for packaging of a medicinal product and the content of the leaflet. At the same time, we take care to adapt the leaflets to the individual needs of the recipients.

Booklet leaflets

This type of leaflets allows you to convey a large amount of information while maintaining minimal size when the sheet is folded. We are one of the few companies on the market that manufactures booklet leaflets with a minimum width of 20 mm. The leaflet can be glued to the product or placed inside the package.

Advertising leaflets

Interestingly designed advertising leaflets are still one of the most effective forms of conveying information. Brochures enable you to present your offer in a clear and attractive way, and also help build your company's recognition and attract consumers' attention. We have efficient and modern machine facilities and ensure the highest quality of leaflets tailored to the customer's needs.

Printing of instructions in the form of a leaflet

Instructions in the form of a one-sided or folded leaflet are a practical way to provide the most important information regarding the proper use of a given product. We print instructions in the form of a leaflet that is legible, transparent and functional. We care about the quality of printed leaflets, which contributes to increased customer satisfaction with purchase and supports building a positive image of your company.

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