Aromatic packaging

Fragrances have enormous power. They evoke emotions and bring back memories. Therefore, their skillful use can be an excellent way to make the customer interested in a given product. At KEA, we create unique aromatic packaging that effectively attracts customers’ attention and evokes positive associations.

Manufacturer of aromatic packaging – we attract with aroma

Aromatic packaging is most often made of materials containing a fragrance, although a popular solution is to place a special sticker on the box that releases the aroma when rubbed. Aromatic packaging is used in industries where the impact on consumers’ senses plays a special role. They are most often used by cosmetic and food companies as well as manufacturers of dietary supplements. The use of aromas is an excellent way to build positive associations with a given brand among customers, as well as a way to stand out from the competition.

How do we create aromatic packaging for our customers?

Various methods are used in the manufacture of aromatic packaging. These include:

  • microcapsules – aromatic molecules are enclosed in microscopic capsules, which are then placed in the packaging. Thanks to this, when it is opened or taken in the customer’s hand, the capsules disintegrate, releasing aroma,
  • cover – the packaging is covered with a layer of aromatic material. Aroma is released when the perfumed cover comes into contact with air. It can be activated by temperature or pressure and
  • perfumed inks – contain scanted oils, which causes them to emit a pleasant scent after printing on the packaging. Aroma is released when the ink dries and comes into contact with air.

The choice of the appropriate method depends on the type of packaging, the desired aroma intensity and its durability.

Aromatic packaging – a beneficial choice for business!

Aromatic packaging is an extremely tempting solution – especially in industries where sensory experiences, especially scents, can actually support purchasing decisions. At KEA, we comprehensively guide our customers through the entire manufacturing process of aromatic packaging until they receive finished products, which may soon become a benchmark for completely new standards in your industry.

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