Brochure with a cover with flaps

A brochure with a cover with flaps is an unusual form of printing. Additional flaps that open from the cover not only give the publication a unique look. Such a design is also very practical, as it allows to include additional information about the author, opinions of other users or – in the case of sales brochures – the company’s contact information.

Broszura z okładką ze skrzydełkami

Brochures with covers with flaps to make your company stand out from the competition

High-quality, aesthetically pleasing brochures filled with substantive content are a great solutionl in many situations. It is worth deciding on this type of material:

  • at events or conferences – brochures allow you to present important information or offers in an elegant and professional manner. What’s more, a potential customer or investor is more likely to keep attractive marketing materials to read them at a later time or contact a company representative.
  • for product presentation – a brochure with a cover with flaps is a great way to present a sales offer. It allows you to describe your products or services in a comprehensive way, and at the same time allows you to create attractively visual content.
  • in marketing and advertising – a high-quality, colorful brochure is a great way to attract attention and stand out from the competition.

Printing brochures with covers with flaps at KEA

At KEA, we provide professional printing services for high-quality marketing materials. We know how to give publications a unique character and ensure the proper presentation of the products or services offered by our customers. We provide full support at every stage of cooperation, advising on the selection of the best materials and printing techniques, as well as optional enhancements or printing protection. Our goal is to complete orders in accordance with the customer’s expectations and needs.

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