Highly refined packaging

Printing of highly refined packaging is an offer prepared for brands that want to mark their membership in the premium sector and make the right impression on the consumer. Highly refined packaging is a proven way to change the packaging of a given product, arousing interest among consumers again.

Methods of refining packaging

Printing of highly refined packaging includes various printing methods aimed at improving the visual perception of your product. Some of the popular refining techniques are:

  • covering packaging with dispersion varnishes and UV-cured varnishes. In this way, an additional protective layer is created on the cardboard surface, which also allows you to create an interesting matt or gloss effect.
  • covering cardboard boxes with special varnishes that change the base paper texture. These may include:
    • hybrid varnishes – give a rough or shiny effect,
    • raised varnishes – allow you to achieve a convex effect,
    • softtouch varnishes – create a pleasant, slightly suede-like texture,
  • laminating cardboard with matt or glossy foil,
  • hotstamping, i.e. refining various types of packaging using metallic foils in various colors,
  • concave and convex embossing, including embossing of Braille characters in accordance with the guidelines of PN-EN ISO 17351 and
  • packaging personalization using an alphanumeric code – we provide mainly serialization services and applying Digimarc codes.

In which industries is highly refined packaging suitable?

Highly refined packaging is particularly desirable in industries where the design and visual attractiveness of the product as well as the first impression it makes on consumers are crucial to achieving satisfactory sales results. The industries that most often decide to use highly refined packaging are:

  • companies from the beauty sector – luxury cosmetics require an equally luxurious setting that immediately signals to the customer that they are dealing with a premium product. Highly refined packaging allows you to add prestige to your products,
  • manufacturers of high-quality alcoholic beverages – expensive wines or high-quality whiskey are often sold in beautifully designed, well-thought-out packaging that reflects the highest quality of the product.
  • clothing companies – brands manufacturing luxury clothing use premium packaging to additionally positively enhance the customer’s experience of unpacking a given product. Additionally, it allows for better brand identification and improvement of its image.

Highly refined packaging at KEA

The use of highly refined packaging is an excellent way to increase the prestige of each product. We invite all companies that want to introduce this type of item to their offer, supporting the implementation of their business strategy, to cooperate with KEA. Many years of experience, knowledge of modern printing techniques and extensive machine facilities allow us to complete orders for the most demanding customers from the premium sector.

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