Blisters are a method of packaging products commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, but also popular in companies from the food and cosmetic sectors. At KEA, we manufacture blister packaging that protects the product against the harmful effects of external factors and at the same time ensures its easy use and storage.

Blister packaging – excellent durability and product protection

One of the greatest advantages of blister packaging is its durability and resistance to damage. The product is protected by an appropriately selected form, thanks to which it retains its properties for a long time – both during transport or storage, as well as during use. This property makes blisters an ideal choice for products that require special protection, such as medicines, electronics, cosmetics with sensitive active ingredients, and even electronics.

Blister packaging also allows for free display on store shelves. They are often transparent, so the customer can carefully examine the item without opening the box, which can also prevent potential damage to the packaging. Additionally, blister packaging is very easy to personalize because it allows for accurate display of the entire product and leaves enough space for printing a logo or necessary information about the product.

Variety of uses for blister packaging

Blister packaging is mainly associated with the pharmaceutical industry, but in fact it is a very universal solution that works great for a wide range of products. For example, in the food industry, sweets can be packed in blisters. In companies from the beauty industry, however, they are perfect for packaging cosmetics. In the electronics industry, in turn, batteries and light bulbs are often packed in blisters. Such packaging is also an excellent way to protect a given product, so it is perfect for glue or toothbrushes.

KEA – partner in the manufacture of blister packaging

At KEA, we manufacture blister packaging that is aesthetic, functional and durable. Our experience in the printing industry means that, using comprehensive knowledge and modern machine facilities, we are able to meet the various expectations and needs of our customers.

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