We offer printing of instructions both in the form of single-sided or multi-fold leaflets, as well as in the form of extensive brochures. We manufacture multilingual instruction manuals in sewn or glued soft covers and assemble them into sets that are commonly used in the audio/video devices, home appliances and automotive industries. At KEA, we know how to print information in every possible form.

Printing of instructions – for customer convenience

In order for the offered product to be used properly and in accordance with its intended purpose, it must be accompanied by a clear instruction manual. Only then can you be sure that the customer knows what the purchased device is for and how to operate it. However, instruction manuals can be printed in different ways – it all depends on the purpose for which they were prepared.

In the case of products that are simple to use and do not need to provide the entire technical specification, printing of instructions in the form of a leaflet is often sufficient. However, brochures that are added to audio/vide devices and household appliances, various types of devices and machines, or cars, must consist of a larger number of pages. In such a situation, it is worth relying on the instruction manual. Due to their volume, these types of instructions allow you to include detailed explanations, descriptions and diagrams, enabling you to use your product correctly.

Reliable printing of instruction manuals at KEA

At KEA, we offer printing of multilingual instructions in sewn or glued soft covers, which are distinguished by precision, readability, transparency and extraordinary durability. The completion of your order is safe in our hands. We have many years of experience and modern machine facilities, which allows us to offer solutions in line with trends in the printing industry, legal standards and the needs of our customers.

Printing of instructions in a sewn binding

Instructions in a sewn binding are a classic proposal, distinguished by aesthetic and functional values. At KEA, we print instructions in a sewn binding with high durability and functionality, which will contain all the necessary information on the safe use of the product.

Printing of instructions in a glued binding

Instructions in a glued binding work well in the case of extensive information brochures attached to various types of equipment, devices and machines. At KEA, we print instructions in a glued binding, which are durable, practical and allow to convey all information or technical specifications about the product.

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