Digimarc is a modern technology used to improve the identification and protection of products through the use of digital watermarks. This innovative solution is becoming increasingly popular in many industries. Digimarc is an extremely universal technology that effectively increases the effectiveness of supply chain management, brand protection and consumer engagement.

What is Digimarc and what can it offer to your company?

Digimarc allows you to mark a product with a digital watermark that is invisible to the human eye. The print is made using special software and printing equipment on various types of materials: packaging, tags or documents. Although the print cannot be seen with the naked eye, it can be easily detected using compatible devices. The codes can be scanned using a smartphone or a special device, which allows for quick access to information about the product or related services.

Digimarc is used mainly in retail sales. Applying codes to product packaging allows the customer to gain access to detailed information about the item, promotion, as well as websites related to a given purchase or brand. In the publishing industry, in turn, Digimarc codes are applied to books or magazines, giving readers access to materials such as films, music and other interactive solutions.

Advantages of using Digimarc markings for your company

The greatest advantages of using Digimarc markings include:

  • increased customer interest and involvement – Digimarc allows customers to discover additional content related to the product or publication, which may positively translate into interest in the brand and increase satisfaction with the purchase,
  • improvement of supply chain management – ​​Digimarc markings can be used to track products during delivery, improve the inventory process, and reduce the risk of theft or loss of shipments and
  • brand protection – digital watermarks, next to serialization, are one of the most effective ways to protect a product against counterfeiting. They allow for easy and effective verification of the product’s authenticity.

At KEA, we mark products with Digimarc codes, which improve safety and increase the ability to identify products. We encourage you to contact us and learn more about how Digimarc can benefit your company.

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