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Print security is an effective method of protecting your brand and preventing counterfeiting. Thanks to modern security techniques, you can ensure the safety of important documents and confirm the authenticity of the products you offer, also giving your customers confidence that they are always choosing the highest quality product guaranteed by the brand.

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When is print security used?

Print security is primarily used for important documents such as certificates, tickets and official or legal letters. In addition, it is a popular technique used by manufacturers of luxury products, which are often vulnerable to counterfeiting. Various printing techniques are used to secure the print, and the most popular include:

  • holograms – applied directly to the document or product packaging. They provide a high level of security and allow quick verification of the authenticity of the goods. They can be in the form of lines, logos or unique patterns, making them not only an effective, but also an aesthetically pleasing way to protect valuable assets.
  • microtext – includes fine print or small images that are virtually impossible to reproduce without printing equipment that allows the creation of very high-resolution prints. They are used as additional security for prints, making potential forgery much more difficult.
  • UV printing – in this case, invisible inks are used, which are invisible to the naked eye, but can be seen with the help of a special UV lamp. This is an effective method to increase the security of documents.
  • hotstamping – consists in heating a hologram in and applying an appropriate marking to important prints. This is an effective method of print security, giving a very high level of security.
  • dry embossing – allows you to achieve the effect of fine embossing on paper or cardboard. This is an excellent method for securing an important print in such a way that it looks elegant and professional.

At KEA, we will take care of the security of your brand

We are specialists with many years of experience in the printing industry – we know how to take better care of your brand with the right techniques, ensure the safety of your products and minimize the risk of forgery. We take care of our customers comprehensively, providing professional advice on the selection of the best solutions and completing orders according to their needs.

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