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Packaging protection

The share of counterfeit products in world trade is estimated at 7–8%. The pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries are most at risk from this practice. Exposing legitimate manufacturers to a loss of confidence in the brand of original products is as dangerous as the incurred financial losses.

We offer a range of solutions in packaging protection. We select the most effective form of product protection at the same time using techniques that emphasize the originality of the brand. Proposed methods of protection can visually blend with the elements of graphics or have hidden elements, which are read with additional tools or specialized decoders. Each technique offers a different level of security, so it should be individually selected to meet the needs of product protection.

Color management

We have tools to predict the effects of print before it is made. We make color corrections in the graphics studio rather than at the printing press. Such measures are implemented thanks to the ability to display graphic designs in the KEA’s DTP department on calibrated monitors (soft-proof), and an even more accurate way – printing a certified proof.

Obtaining consistent color in different production batches throughout the printed run. This is accomplished by standardizing the printing process involving the use of proven materials, and controlling printing parameters. Printing machines are equipped with spectrophotometric measuring devices, which allows us to control the achieved color of each sheet.

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