Printing of instructions in the form of a leaflet

Instructions in the form of a one-sided or folded leaflet are a practical way to provide the most important information regarding the proper use of a given product. We print instructions in the form of a leaflet that is legible, transparent and functional. We care about the quality of printed leaflets, which contributes to increased customer satisfaction with purchase and supports building a positive image of your company.

Broszura z okładką ze skrzydełkami

Instructions in the form of a leaflet – for customer convenience

Small instruction manuals in the form of practical leaflets are a very good way to provide information on how to use a given product. The instruction manual in the form of a traditional leaflet is small, so it is especially useful for products that do not require full technical specifications and are easy to use. We offer printing instructions in the form of a leaflet, printed on paper with a very low weight (starting from 32g/m2), in the form of folded leaflets or cut to a specific format.

At KEA, we print instructions in the form of a leaflet with attention to the highest quality of workmanship and functionality. We know that a clear and precise instruction manual allows consumers to use the product correctly and safely, and also contributes to increased satisfaction with purchase. By selecting correctly developed and properly printed materials, you can effectively support the efforts of designers, manufacturing and marketing departments.

Printing of instructions in the form of leaflets – the highest quality from KEA!

We encourage you to contact us today and see what we can do for your company. We offer modern solutions in the field of printing services supported by many years of experience. We have extensive machine facilities, thanks to which we are able to respond to the needs of every industry. We provide comprehensive service at every stage of project implementation, starting from advice on the selection of techniques or raw materials, through preparation of materials for printing, to receipt of the finished product. We are a proven business partner and guarantee the highest quality!

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