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Interestingly designed advertising leaflets are still one of the most effective forms of conveying information. Brochures enable you to present your offer in a clear and attractive way, and also help build your company’s recognition and attract consumers’ attention. We have efficient and modern machine facilities and ensure the highest quality of leaflets tailored to the customer’s needs.

An advertising leaflet that attracts attention

At KEA, we know that the company’s image is built mainly by properly prepared advertising materials. For a company to be successful, it must be recognized. For this purpose, it is worth looking for customers through various communication channels – and advertising publications is one of them. We are aware of how important advertising leaflets are as a marketing tool, which is why we ensure their printing at the highest quality, tailored to customer needs, which can be used during fairs, industry events, training and business meetings.

Specialists from our graphic studio verify and professionally prepare all materials for printing. At this stage, our priority is to prepare the delivered files flawlessly and to match individual graphic elements to the form, shape and base paper on which they will be printed. All we need to do is to receive a ready-made graphic design – the proper implementation of advertising leaflets is our responsibility.

High-quality printing of advertising leaflets at KEA!

We are a leader on the printing market, so we encourage you to take advantage of our many years of experience! We provide comprehensive support in the selection of appropriate raw materials, printing techniques and the use of refinements, bearing in mind optimization of production costs. We have efficient and modern machine facilities, so in addition to advertising leaflets, we also manufacture catalogues, brochures, folders, posters and company forms. Please contact us and see how we can work together to effectively promote your business.

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