Pharmaceutical leaflets

We offer pharmaceutical leaflets made on the basis of specialized knowledge of the drug packaging process. All leaflets are compliant with EU regulations, the national Pharmaceutical Law and the Regulation of the Minister of Health, which define the requirements for packaging of a medicinal product and the content of the leaflet. At the same time, we take care to adapt the leaflets to the individual needs of the recipients.

Printing of pharmaceutical leaflets always in compliance with regulations

Pharmaceutical leaflets are an integral part of any drug or medicinal product. They are a specific type of information brochure, as they must be manufactured in compliance with strict EU standards and the provisions of the country’s Pharmaceutical Law and regulations contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Health. Printing of pharmaceutical leaflets must be done in a specific way on specially selected paper of sufficiently low weight and meeting the requirements for transparency, stiffness and whiteness. The pharmaceutical leaflet must also have certain dimensions that will allow all the information to be placed on it in a legible form – using a minimum font size and line spacing.

While manufacturing pharmaceutical leaflets, we don’t just care about their compliance with regulations – we also care about meeting the individual needs of our customers. We manufacture pharmaceutical leaflets both prepared for folding on automatic packaging lines and already fully folded to the required format. We offer printing of pharmaceutical leaflets on a very thin base paper with a minimum weight of 32 g/m2, which allows to reduce their thickness after folding.

We have extensive and modern machine facilities, so our possibilities for folding booklet-type leaflets for drug packaging are virtually unlimited. The maximum dimensions of a pharmaceutical leaflet can be 1040 x 730 mm, and their minimum dimension after folding is only 15 mm. The equipment we use is equipped with verification systems for each leaflet, which guarantees manufacture safety. As part of manufacture, we always verify the pharma code and printing, minimizing the risk of cross and critical errors.

Pharmaceutical leaflet manufacturer with years of experience

The portfolio of our customers is made up of international pharmaceutical corporations, which choose the highest global standards applicable on the market of printing services supported by many years of experience. We provide comprehensive manufacture of pharmaceutical leaflets and support in choosing the best way to fold or bind them in order to optimize production costs. We encourage you to contact us – at KEA we implement even the most difficult projects.

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