Booklet leaflets

This type of leaflets allows you to convey a large amount of information while maintaining minimal size when the sheet is folded. We are one of the few companies on the market that manufactures booklet leaflets with a minimum width of 20 mm. The leaflet can be glued to the product or placed inside the package.

Booklet leaflet – a durable and practical information carrier

Booklet leaflets are small yet multi-layered information brochures. They allow you to include a large amount of content about a given product while maintaining aesthetics, visual appeal and the small size of the leaflet itself. One booklet leaflet can consist of as many as several dozen pages, on which information on the purpose and use of the product can be included.

At KEA, we offer booklet leaflet manufacture for companies in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Particularly in the case of the pharmaceutical industry, the method of manufacturing booklets is strictly defined by EU and national standards. These include both the type and weight of raw materials used, as well as the leaflet’s dimensions or form, optimal for including the necessary information on indications, contraindications or dosage of a particular preparation. By printing your leaflets at KEA, you can be sure that they will meet all legal requirements!

Booklet leaflets from KEA – support for business!

Booklet leaflets are an ideal solution for the use of packaging that, due to limited dimensions, does not allow you to put all the required information in a legible way. On a folded brochure you can also present customers with products from the same line or complementary to the effects of the purchased product.

In our printing house, we complete orders not only in accordance with legal regulations, but, above all, with customer’s expectations. KEA is one of the few companies on the market that manufactures booklet leaflets with a minimum width of 20 mm. We encourage you to contact us and see how we can support your business.

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