Packaging for the cosmetics industry

Aesthetic and stylish packaging plays an extremely important role in the cosmetic industry. At KEA, we provide cosmetic companies with packaging that is refined to the smallest detail, ensuring excellent product presentation and guaranteeing repeatability and maintenance of brand colors. We offer packaging for the cosmetic industry with the highest quality parameters, regardless of the level of difficulty of the project.

Cosmetic packaging that customers will notice

Our customers include multinationals from the demanding cosmetic industry. Thanks to the quality and printing techniques used, the cosmetic packaging we provide emphasizes the unique character of their products and allow them to stand out on store shelves. We complete even the most difficult orders, offering cosmetic packaging that fully protects the products inside.

Our packaging for the cosmetic industry helps to distinguish the product and draw the attention of customers. As part of the order processing, we will design the appropriate punching die grid and perform embossing. The decorative cardboard boxes produced at KEA give you the confidence that the packaging will support the sales of your products.

Cosmetic packaging printing for business

As a packaging manufacturer, we make sure that our products stand out for their quality, durability and resistance to damage. But that’s not all – we want to give our customers something more. Therefore, our offer includes services including protection, marking and refinement of packaging for the cosmetic industry, such as:

  • covering surfaces with aromatic varnishes. This technique makes it possible to apply a varnish containing an aroma essence from a standard catalog or an author’s own aroma composition to the packaging,
  • covering the surface with dispersion varnishes and those fixed with UV lamps. This technique protects the cardboard surface from damage and gives a deep matt or gloss effect,
  • covering packaging with varnishes that change the surface texture to a rough, convex or suede-like surface,
  • laminating cardboard with matt or glossy film,
  • refinement of industrial packaging with metallic foil in various colors, including those giving a hologram effect (hotstamping),
  • concave and convex embossing, including embossing of Braille characters in accordance with PN-EN ISO 17351 standard and
  • personalization with an individual alphanumeric code or other marking.

We print cosmetic packaging in accordance with ISO 12647-2 standards using prepared ICC profiles, so we are able to guarantee the repeatability of printing quality for each delivered batch.

At KEA, we are aware of the marketing function that packaging plays in the cosmetic industry. We offer quality backed by years of experience in printing and manufacture cosmetic packaging that will set your business apart from the competition. In our offer you will also find special products for premium sectors – feel free to contact us!

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