Pharmaceutical packaging

With safe and reliable packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, we enjoy trust of major companies and leaders in the industry. Within the framework of pharmaceutical packaging manufacture, we offer a comprehensive solution, while providing packaging along with leaflets. We ensure full compliance with legal requirements.

Opakowanie farmaceutyczne

Manufacture of pharmaceutical packaging – high quality and regulatory compliance

Printing of pharmaceutical packaging requires a unique approach, as the entire process is subject to numerous regulations. At KEA, we not only know these requirements, but more importantly, we know how to meet them. We create pharmaceutical packaging that provides effective protection for the preparation inside, and at the same time serves as an additional advertising space for the company.

We manufacture pharmaceutical packaging comprehensively, offering a convenient 2-in-1 solution. We are both a manufacturer of packaging and a manufacturer of leaflets, which allows you to reduce the time needed to determine the details of the order and gain greater control over its progress. Delivery of packaging and leaflets to the customer is done simultaneously, allowing the product to be fully packaged on the packaging line.

Printing of pharmaceutical packaging at KEA

At KEA, we have modern machine facilities and use only proven techniques, which we apply when securing and marking, but also refining packaging. Our pharmaceutical packaging can undergo such processes as:

  • covering with dispersion varnishes and UV varnishes, which protect the surface from damage and allow us to achieve a deep matt or gloss effect,
  • covering of cardboard with special varnishes that change the texture of the surface, including hybrid, raised and softtouch varnishes,
  • lamination of solid cardboard with matt and glossy foil,
  • hotstamping, which is the refinement of pharmaceutical packaging with metallic foils in various colors,
  • concave and convex embossing, including embossing of Braille characters in compliance with the current PN-EN ISO 17351 standard and
  • personalization with an individual alphanumeric code or other marking.

Each printing is compliant with ISO 12647-2 standards using specially prepared ICC profiles, which guarantees the repeatability of printing quality for each delivered batch.

At KEA, we know everything about the manufacture of pharmaceutical packaging. We have many years of experience backed by positive feedback from leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry. We invite you to contact us – at KEA we will complete any order, meeting your high expectations.

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