Printing of instructions in a glued binding

Instructions in a glued binding work well in the case of extensive information brochures attached to various types of equipment, devices and machines. At KEA, we print instructions in a glued binding, which are durable, practical and allow to convey all information or technical specifications about the product.

Printing of instructions in a glued binding – quality supported by experience

User manuals attached to audio/video devices and household appliances, various types of devices and machines or cars should, above all, be legible and precise. Thanks to this, customers can easily read the recommendations on how to use the product properly and as intended. If the instructions are extensive or include additional technical specifications, the leaflet will not be a sufficient solution. In such a case, it is worth choosing to print the instructions in a glued binding, which provides adequate space for providing all the information.

The manufacture of instructions in a glued binding involves joining the pages of the brochure and the cover with glue. For this purpose, PUR (polyurethane) glue is often used, which is characterized by high flexibility and at the same time ensures the durability of the connection even after frequent use. At KEA, we offer printing of instructions in a glued binding, which are not only practical, but also aesthetic, which positively affects customers’ feelings about purchasing the product.

Printing of user manuals in a glued binding from specialists at KEA!

The multilingual, glued-bound instructions printed at KEA are precise, legible and durable. We assemble glued-bound instructions into sets that are used especially in the consumer audio/video devices, home appliances and automotive industries. We are distinguished by many years of experience and modern machine facilities, thanks to which we have become experts in the printing industry. We encourage you to check our possibilities and choose printing instructions in a glued binding with a guarantee of the highest quality.

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