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Our customers include international companies in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, chemical and electronics areas.


We meet the highest global standards required on the market of printing sevices; to attest to this, we have received numerous certificates, awards and distinctions.


Our aim is to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customer. Maintaining constant contact with our customers and understanding their precise needs, we can propose optimal solutions for them. In this way we help our partners succeed in new markets, and strengthen their position.


In twenty years of existence on the market, our firm has amassed a wealth of experience, which makes us a solid and reliable partner.

Investment Projects

We follow the latest trends by investing in new technologies; the process is preceded by a thorough analysis of current development of our Clients and the market.


Standardisation is realised on many levels of our corporate structure – from technologies, through work organization up to management processes. Our internal standardisation is based on international standards and latest process solutions in our sector which enables efficient order processing and realization planning; it also affects our product and process quality.

About Us

In the first years after the founding of our company in 1990, we concentrated our efforts on analyzing the market, building a development strategy and the creation of an attractive portfolio of services for demanding and dynamically developing companies.