Management system


The purpose of the standardization of KEA’s work is to take advantage of full process quality consistency.

Standardization has been achieved on many levels of our organization’s operations: from the technological level, to the organization of work, to the management process. Standardization, based on international norms and the newest technological standards in our field, makes it possible to plan for orders to be carried out efficiently, and assures the quality of the process and the product.

KEA, a stable and financially secure firm, guarantees that the most demanding printing projects will be carried out.We strive to meet the customer’s demands, in a way that also respects the environment.

  • continually increasing the value and income of the company;
  • the rational development and creation of the image of the company;
  • attention to maintaining the proper level of services provided;
  • continual improvement in processes and activities that influence
    product quality;
  • ensuring the use of high-quality materials;
  • constant improvements to the Integrated Quality, Environmental,
    Ocupational Health and Safety Management System;
  • improvements to management methods and strategies;
  • optimizing job costs and times;
  • control of important environmental aspects of production;
  • introducing environmentally-friendly technologies;
  • the development and modernizing of technical support, consistent with current requirements;
  • an active personnel policy, with the aim of raising staff qualifications;
  • the fulfillment of legal requirements affecting our activities.

The company’s owners, Bogdan Baszak and Irena Baszak, take responsibility for assuring the means and resources necessary to implement the Quality, Environmental, Ocupational Health and Safety Policy of KEA IBB Sp. z o.o.

Quality, Environment and Ocupational Health and Safety

In 1998, we were one of the first printing houses in Poland to introduce the Quality Management System, which now functions as the Integrated Quality, Environmental and Ocupational Health and Safety Management System according to ISO standards:

The Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System now has over ten certified years of history, supported by numerous audits by certifying authorities, and by customers. This guarantees that our work meets both international standards, and our customers’ special expectations.

The KEA company has the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certificate – this certificate allows our client to use the FSC® logo to build a pro-ecological image of the company. See the FSC® certificate.
FSC license No: C092605

More informations about FSC® on websites: