Mission, Vision

mission and vision




Position of a market leader on corporate printing services market
We achieve our vision by satisfying expectations of the most demanding Clients carrying our projects in accordance with the globally prevailing printing standards, delivering superior quality products and applying state-of-the art technologies. By serving international concerns from sectors as pharmacy, cosmetics, food, audio-video, household equipment, and automotive industry with respect to the production of packaging, informational leaflets and service instructions based on identified needs, consulting and design. By maintaining ongoing contacts with Clients. Proper understanding of their needs and the acquired experience allow us to build long-term relations and make us not only a supplier but first and foremost a partner in the provision of printing services. Our clients’ development is a guarantee of our own progress. By optimising processes and organisation through implementation of KAIZEN philosophy.
The KEA vision is implemented based on five key 5D values:
  • Team experience
  • Adjusting to Client needs
  • Recommending the best solutions
  • Providing a perfect and safe product
  • Prompt delivery