We produce cardboard packaging and laminates from layered and solid paperboard.

We specialize in the creation of packaging lines which are easy to recognize and help maintain a product’s image. The packaging is distinguished by high quality and durability. Our adhesive technology allows packaging with up to six gluing points. The Braille character stamp is used during gluing, which guarantees the readability of the message. The packaging that we offer is adaptable to automatic packing lines. Tests at the producer’s packing machines (among others, IMA, COMA, and BOSCH) have confirmed the present possibility of packaging with a rate of up to 420 strokes per minute. We make use of a number of proven techniques for the securing, marking and enhancing of the packaging:

  • varnishing with the use of enhanced lacquers, such as UV varnishes and brocades
  • laminating with mat and glossy foils
  • hotstamping
  • concave and convex press forming, including press forming of Braille characters to European Union standards
  • posting of window foils
  • customized service

Individual Retail Packaging

Aware that packaging plays an important role in marketing, we make full use of our experience in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics fields. Our printing is carried out according to ISO standard 12647-2, with the help of the ICC profile prepared for us. This guarantees the consistency of the print quality of each unit delivered.

Food product packaging

is produced with materials which are certified by ISEGA and the PZH (Polish National Institute of Public Health).

Pharmaceutical Packaging

This is the highest class of packaging in which KEA specializes. Leading Polish pharmaceutical firms have confirmed our products’ reputation for safety, reliability and precise manufacture. These are qualities that are essential in the packaging of medicines. We are pleased to offer the very convenient “two in one” solution.

When one producer looks after both the packaging and the information leaflet, time is saved in settling the details of the order, and controlling its execution. Both elements are shipped to the customer at the same time, allowing the complete packaging of the product.

Premium Packaging

Premium products are luxury products, designed for customers who want the highest quality. The right packaging positions a product in the most suitable – the highest – price category, giving a customer a foretaste of the product’s unique character. Attractive and elegant packaging puts a product in a class by itself. By buying Premium products, a customer displays his own status and prestige. By ordering Premium KEA packaging, our customers gain a product that is ideally adapted to the demands of the luxury market.