We produce high-quality hard- and soft-covered books, as well as notebook-like publications.

Books and publishing

The preparation of a publication is a difficult process with many stages, starting from the writing of material, editing and proofreading it, translating it and adapting it to different cultures, to the assembly and preparation of the whole effort for print. In the publications that we prepare, whether single-colour or multi-coloured, readability and clarity are always at the highest level. In this way, we help our clients meet the market’s demands. Our high-quality, punctual service has satisfied the needs of our most demanding customers in such fields as the electronics and motor industries.


KEA specialises in publications which present instructions. Such manuals demand special precision. They range from one-page leaflets, printed on very light paper (from 27 g/m2), to soft-coloured books, stitched or glued, which run to hundreds of pages. Regardless of the form, we are concerned above all that they meet their purpose. Precise and readable instructions allow consumers to use products properly and safely. This, in turn, increases their satisfaction with the product. Material that has been properly designed and printed demands the special efforts of planners, production units and marketing specialists.