Product Leaflets


We offer product information leaflets that are folded and/or cut according to the customer’s preferred format.

Leaflets are manufactured depending on the individual requirements of the Recipient. They can be prepared for typesetting on automatic packaging lines or as fully folded at the KEA’s site (book folding), according to the format required by the Customer. Leaflets printed in KEA can be produced on a very thin substrate which reduces their size after folding. The minimum grammage of the raw material on which KEA produces the leaflets is 32 g/m2. Due to the extended machine park, the leaflet folding options offered by KEA are virtually unlimited. The maximum size of a leaflet is 1040mm x 730mm and the minimum size of the folded leaflet is 15mm. The machines dedicated to leaflet folding are equipped with systems guaranteeing production safety. Pharmacode and printed space are verified on every leaflet in production. This prevents cross and critical errors. Due to long-term cooperation with producers of packaging machines as well as the acquired experience, KEA provides support in selection of the best type of leaflet folding. For production of pharmaceutical leaflets, we use special paper that fulfils restrictive requirements regarding transparency, rigidity and whiteness. We also guarantee precision of sizes of every leaflet with a tolerance of ± 0,2 mm for cut leaflets and ±0,5 for folded leaflets. Leaflets folded at KEA can be protected against self-opening by means of a label or glue.

Pharmaceutical information leaflet

must be prepared on the basis of specialized knowledge of the packaging of medicines. Quality specifications for such leaflets are set down in European Union regulations, the Polish Pharmaceutical Law and Health Ministry Regulation (20 February 2009) “concerning requirements with respect to the packaging of medical products and contents of information leaflets”. These regulations specify, among other standards, minimum character sizes and line spacing, and thus deal with the need for the contents of information leaflets to be rendered in a suitable form. In response to this regulation, we produce leaflets using lightweight materials. This solution does not require further packaging adapted to leaflets with larger dimensions.

Booklet-type leaflets

Our offer includes folded leaflets that can be used as booklet inserts. This leaflet allows to include many pieces of information using the minimum size of the folded leaflet – as the only company on the market, we offer this product with minimum width of 20mm. The booklet can be glued to the finished product or placed inside the packaging and, additionally, after getting acquainted with its content, it can be glued back.